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GLADIOLUS: summer colours

The name of this flower comes from the latin word ‘Gladius’ which means ‘sword’. It is also called ‘Sword lily’ but nowadays more known as Gladiolus. The origin of the Gladiolus is found in Asia and especially South Africa. First wild types of this bulb were brought in the 18th century to Europe on Dutch and English ships who travelled to India via South Africa.

Over the years the wild forms have been hybridized into a wide pallet of colours and types. In our markets especially the types with big flowers are popular.

Gladiolus is used as a real summer cutflower. Also many people grow them in their gardens.

About packing, storage and transport

Gladiolus are packed in boxes 60 x 40 x 19 cm (length x width x height) and one pallet can hold 55-60 boxes. We can also ship them in netlon bags or in netlon bags in boxes. Last variant is the most common one in our markets.

Gladiolus we sell in following sizes and (average) amounts per box:

Size 10/12 – 1000 bulbs per box

Size 12/14 – 625 bulbs per box

Size 14/+ –  400 bulbs per box

Gladiolus should be stored during the entire period in a well ventilated dry place with good circulation of air at a temperature of +5 celcius. On arrival the Gladiolus are ready for planting.

Transport of Gladiolus takes place in a temperature controlled truck at +5 celcius and good circulation of air.