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TULIPA: very popular

Already since the middle ages, tulips are very popular flowers. The name refers to its origin. Tulipa comes from the word ‘Taliban’ which is an old Persian headgear.

Carolius Clusius, a Dutch botanical working for the Austrian Emperor (16th century), received some tulips from a friend a started to do tests with them in the Emperor’s garden. Later he moved back to Holland and as a professor of the university of Leiden he continued to develop the tulip.

In the 17th century the tulip bulbs were highly fashionable and in a few years the trade received the status of madness: individual bulbs were sold for astronomic prices, even higher than the price for a house! Finally the market collapsed and some people became very rich, where others lost all they got.

Nevertheless, the tulip remained popular over the years and the breeding and production continued.

Nowadays, in Holland we produce more than 10000 hectares of tulips! AMSONIA is situated in the northwest part of Holland. In this area, close to the sea, we find the most fertile soils for bulb production. Heavy clay soils, which contain lots of nutrients, produce bulbs with the highest vigour and this will result in better flowers (stronger stems, intense colours).

Tulips you can find in a very wide range of colours and varieties. AMSONIA is specialized in the supplies to professional flower growers and so is our selection of varieties based on our customers. Every season we sell more than 400 varieties of which we try to re-new around 10% per year.