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IRIS: Vincent van Gogh

‘Irisses’ is the most famous painting from the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. He made it in France in 1889 at a time when he almost had no money to survive. A century later, in 1987 it was sold as the most expensive painting ever for AU$ 54 mln (!) to an Australian businessman. It has given and it still gives the flower a worldwide promotion.

The bright blue colour of the Iris is unique in nature. Besides all shades of blue and purple, also white and yellow are found in the range of Iris we sell as a bulb in AMSONIA. Iris bulbs are  available yearround but in general the hot summer is not the favourite period of an Iris flower. It likes cool (greenhouse) climates.

About packing, storage and transport

The most popular variety we sell is the dark blue BLUE MAGIC. Most popular size is 10/+ and one box holds average 700 bulbs. Boxes are 60 x 40 x 23 cm (length x width x height) and the weight of one box is around 19 kg’s. On one pallet we can put 40-45 boxes.

Bulbs of Iris should ordered minimum 10 weeks in advance. This gives us time to prepare the bulbs for your circumstances. Important is to give us good information on the place and climate where you will grow the flowers.

Iris bulbs are stored at +30 celcius to keep them dormant. Around 10 weeks before shipment we take the bulbs from the hot storage and start to give them a range of lower temperatures to prepare them for flowering. This is different per variety and growing period/place.

Transport can be at several temperatures in combination with other bulb crops. Even shipment in a lilium truck at -1 celcius is possible. Provided the bulbs are planted directly on arrival. AMSONIA can advise in this case what is the best option.