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NARCISSUS: early joy

In the 16th century first Narcissus came to Holland. Like tulips it has a long history and around 1910 there even was something like a Narcis-mania when the Narcissus was discovered in England. The popularity in England drove up prices at that time to extreme levels. In England the Narcissus is called Daffodil. Together with Holland they are now the two leading countries in growing and selling this flower.

Many bulbs of Narcissus are planted in gardens and cityborders. In our company we mainly focus on varieties that are suitable to force as a flower in greenhouses. Also as a potflower the Narcissus is popular and the main variety in this group is TETE A TETE.

About packing, storage and transport

Narcissus are packed in boxes 60 x 40 x 23 cm (length x width x height) and one pallet can hold 40-45 boxes.

In Narcissus there is a wide range of sizes available which makes it difficult to give an rather reliable idea of amounts per box. It really differs per variety.

In TETE A TETE, which is a small bulbtype Narcissus we sell 3 sizes:

Size 10/12 – 500 bulbs per box
Size 12/14 – 400 bulbs per box
Size 14/16 – 300 bulbs per box

In the big size bulbtypes it is better to consult your contact person in AMSONIA to learn how many bulbs each variety and size will fit in one box.

Narcissus should be stored during the entire period in a well ventilated dry place with lots of fresh air at temperatures 17-20 celcius. To make them flower, Narcissus bulbs need to receive a cold period of around 3 months. Please consult AMSONIA if you have technical questions about giving the right coolingperiod and the growing.

Transport of Narcissus (non-treated) takes place in a temperature controlled truck and is usually in combination with tulips and other bulbtypes. Tranporttemperature around 17-20 celcius with good ventilation and circulation of air.