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HYACINTHUS: blue beauty

The name of this flower origins from the Greek mythology. Hyacinthus was a well-shaped athlete and loved by Apollo. When he died during a match, a flower grew up from the blood he lost: the flower we all know as Hyacinthus.

Like Tulips and Narcissus, there was also something like a Hyacinth-mania in the middle of the 18th century. It started in France when the maitresse of the French king Louis XV decided to plant Hyacinthus in the gardens of the palace in Versailles. The total French elite society followed this ‘new fashion’ and voila, the hyacinth-mania was born.

The Hyacinthus origins from southern Europa, but nowadays Holland is the sole leader in bulbproduction. It is one of the few flowers with a pure blue colour in nature. Besides blue the main colours are purple, pink, red, white and yellow.

Majority of the professional grown Hyacinthus are planted on pots. Some of our customers grow them as a cutflower. In general the way of growing is rather similar.

About packing, storage and transport

Hyacinthus are packed in boxes 60 x 40 x 23 cm (length x width x height) and one pallet can hold 40-45 boxes.

Hyacinths we sell in following sizes and (average) amounts per box:

Size 14/15 – 300 bulbs per box

Size 15/16 – 275 bulbs per box

Size 16/17 – 250 bulbs per box

Size 17/18 – 225 bulbs per box

Size 18/19 – 200 bulbs per box

Size 19/+   – 175 bulbs per box

Hyacinthus should be stored during the entire period in a well ventilated dry place with lots of fresh air at temperatures 20-23 celcius. To make them flower, Hyacinthus bulbs need to receive a cold period of around 3 months. Please consult AMSONIA if you have technical questions about giving the right coolingperiod and the growing.

Transport of Hyacinthus (non-treated) takes place in a temperature controlled truck and is usually in combination with tulips and other bulbtypes. Tranporttemperature around 17-20 celcius with good ventilation and circulation of air.