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Packing storage and transport of Lilium

About packing and storage

Lilium bulbs are harvested in Holland from October up to January. After harvesting bulbs are cleaned and calibrated. To guarantee the quality and to prevent the bulbs from drying, the lilium bulbs are disinfected and packed in peat moss. After packing we slowly bring down the temperature inside the box at values around -1 celcius at bulb level (minus one celcius). Packed in peat moss and stored at the correct temperature in our modern cooling rooms, we are able to maintain the quality yearround.

A steady temperature inside the box is very important. Lower temperatures will cause damage to the central sprout and higher temperatures will wake up the bulb and will initiate growth of the central sprout in the box. Both will give damage in growing the flowers.

Lilium bulbs are packed in boxes of 60 x 40 x 23 cm (length x width x height). The weight of one box is around 21 kg’s and one pallet can hold 40-45 boxes. Pallet is 100 cm x 120 cm.

Following amounts we normally pack per box:

Size 10/12 – 500 bulbs
Size 12/14 – 400 bulbs

Size 14/16 – 300 bulbs

Size 16/18 – 200 bulbs

Size 18/20 – 150 bulbs

Size 20/22 – 125 bulbs

Size 22/24 – 100 bulbs

Size 24/26 – 75 bulbs



About transport

In our cooling rooms we maintain a temperature of around -1 celcius at bulb level inside the box. Many of our customers want to continue to store the lilium on arrival in their own coolers. In this case it is important that the transport also takes place at temperatures of -1 celcius. To provide this temperature during transport, the use of modern well equipped trucks is very important. Even more when you transport the bulbs in summer when outside temperatures can be very high.

Remember that once bulbs are unfrozen, you cannot re-freeze them again. This will damage the central sprout and will give problems in the flower production. Bulbs that are unfrozen should be planted as quick as possible.

If you decide to plant the bulbs directly on arrival, it is possible to transport the lilium bulbs at temperatures from 0 celcius up to max +5 celcius. In this case you can combine the transport with e.g. flowers, 5 C-treated tulips, iris or gladiolus.