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LILIUM: elegant and style

Lilium is known for its beauty and elegancy. This very popular flower is available in all kinds of shapes and colours. The history of Lilium cultivation is rather short. Before 1990 there were only a handful or commercial varieties. Since then the breeding has taken of in enormous way and many new types have appeared in the market. Original types like Asiatic, Oriental, Longiflorum and Tigrinum are used to create new types like LA hybrids (longiflorum x Asiatic) and OT hybrids (Oriental x Tigrinum). At present there are more than 600 varieties and the acreage of bulbgrowing in Holland is exceeding the 3000 hectares.

Types available

  • Asiatics
    • Pot varieties
    • Double varieties
  • LA hybrids (Longiflorum x Asiatic)
  • LO hybrids (Longiflorum x Oriental)
  • Longiflorum
  • OA hybrids (Oriental x Asiatic)
  • Orientals
    • Pot varieties
    • Double varieties
  • OT hybrids (Oriental x Tigrinum)

AMSONIA can supply you yearround top-quality bulbs of Lilium. Besides the crop from Holland, we also supply lilium grown in France, Chile and New Zealand. The advantage of the French bulbs is that they are harvested around 1-2 months later then the Holland bulbs, which makes them more suitable to use them for flower-production in the autumn and early winter. The production from Chile and New Zealand is harvested 6 months later then the Holland crop. Therefore very suitable to use for winter and spring-production.

Lilium bulbs are available in sizes ranging from 10/12 up to 24/26. In general we can say that the bigger the bulbsize, the more flowers per stem you will get. The amount of flowers per stem also depends on the variety. Please consult your sales contact in AMSONIA to select the correct variety and size for the period in which you want to produce flowers.